Overseas Exhibition  
Qingdao Jinnoc International Expo Co., Ltd. is also a leading company in representing and promoting services for overseas exhibitors in China. The company is committed to promoting foreign trade and cultural exchanges in China's various regions and industries.

Taking exhibition as carrier, JINNOC Expo service covers all aspects before, in the middle of and after the exhibitions, which extends JINNOC Expo's comprehensive service capabilities to the greatest degree. On a mission to "spread abroad through exhibition, enhance strength through trade", JINNOC Expo means to provide customers with standardized, experiential export service. While many Chinese companies entering the international stage with faster and better pace, at the same time, they also obtained excellent export experience and enjoyed carefree professional services.

In the future, JINNOC EXPO  will continue to concentrate on offering full-service of overseas exhibitions for Chinese enterprises and endeavor to become the first-class crossover comprehensive service provider.

Overseas Trade Show List

Machine Tools  Expo:

Logo   Exhibition Name   Date Place      Country   Industry   
EMO-MILANO 2015 Oct.5-10,2015 Milan Italy Machine Tools
FABTECH 2015 Nov.9-10,2015 Chicago America  Metal Forming,
Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Even
METALEX THAILAND 2015 Nov.18-21,2015 Bangkok Thailand Machine tools, metal working
MTI 2015 Dec.2-5,2015 Jakarta Indonesia Machine tools, metal working
 IMTEX FORMING&TOOLTECH 2016 Jan.21-26,2016 Bangalore India Machine tools
METAV 2016 Feb.23-27,2016 Dusseldorf Germany Machine tools
MACH 2016 Apr.11-15,2016 Birmingham United Kingdom Machine tools
SIMTOS2016 Apr.13-17,2016 Seoul Korea Machine tools
HANNOVER MESSE 2016 Apr.25-29,2016 Hannover Germany Industrial automation..
MECANICA 2016 May 17-21,2016 Sao Paulo Brazil Machine
METALLOOBRABOTKA 2016 May 23-27,2016 Moscow Russia Machine tools
AMTEX 2016 July 8-11,2016 New Delhi India Machine tools
IMTS 2016 Sep.12-17,2016 Chicago America Machine tools
MAKTEK EUROASIA 2016 Oct.11-16,2016 İstanbul Turkey Machine tools
JIMTOF 2016 Nov.17-22,2016 Tokyo Japan Machine tools
TMTS 2016 Nov.23-27,2016                        Taiwan China Machine tools

Tire Expo:
Logo   Exhibition Name       Date                 Place        Country   Industry 
North American Tire & Retread Expo April 15-17,2016 New Orleans America Tire
Pneu Show Recaufair June 28-30,2016 Sao Paulo Brazil Tire
Latin America&Caribbean Tyre Expo July 3-5,2016 Panama Panama Tire
Latin Auto Parts Expo June 14-16 Panama Panama Auto Parts
INTERAUTO 2016 Aug.26-29,2016 Moscow Russia Auto Parts